Socialbliss Style Box – June 2014

My Socialbliss Style Box is finally here! I have been stalking my tracking code for this one! Final box of the month (a little bitter sweet), but worth the wait!

Directly from the website:

“Socialbliss is a community of fashion trendsetters who have their eyes, ears and hands on the pulse of what’s cutting edge on the trends of tomorrow. Each month we start with a story. We then hand pick from our elite fashion community, the most popular yet unique items we know most women will love.”

The products included in this box total at least $100, and I’ve seen upwards of $200!

Cost: $39.95 Monthly + S&H ($9.95) (discounts for multi-month subs)

Last month I didn’t get any spoilers, but I was at the end of the receiving end this month, so I did cheat a little bit. I was a teeny bit disappointed, but remained optimistic. That paid off, because I love this box!

I goofed and deleted the opening of the box, but it seems to always be the same–wrapped in red tissue paper greeting you with a big “Hello gorgeous!” So let’s just cut to the chase and get to it!

20140626_202535The theme this month was Boho Chic, which they define as “A creative open-minded thinker who lives a free spirited life and believes in style, freedom and love“.


Essie Snake Rattle and Roll magnetic polish – It’s a sort of gun metal grey color and if I can pull it off, I love the scale-like design. Little dark for this time of the year, but I’m really wanting to try this soon. I love grey, so the season can deal with it (Michael seems to think I want to paint our entire house grey…)

Ulta Super Shiny Lip Gloss – I think I need to get a lottery ticket. All of my boxes this month that came with a lip product gave me something that I really liked color-wise. I got Whisper 16, and I really like the way this looks.


Curse my bad eyes for ruining the fun of sunglasses for me. Then again, my bank account probably thanks me. Nothing special, but I absolutely love the way these look on. These are the In.. Retro Specs Sunglasses, which are a dark brown with gold “arms”. I’ll hold on to them in case I reconsider trying contacts again, otherwise, I think my SIL would love them..

Peruvian Warrior ring – I really didn’t think this would be my style, but it’s really starting to grow on me. Depending on what I wear tomorrow for work, I might just give this a go. Otherwise, weekend warrior ring for sure.


Fated Bliss Kimono Wrap – This is going to be fun, and I’ve been playing around with it a bit. It can be worn a few ways, and I think the vest option is working for me, and really fits what I typically wear during the work week–minus the funky pattern.


And finally, this month’s bonus item for using the promo code WANTNEEDLOVE and sharing the post on Facebook – Creme Shop sponges. I actually needed this, so no complaints!

Overall, I’m really happy this month. I’m always down for some makeup these days, and I’m on a total new nail polish AND lip gloss kick, so this was right up my alley. Everything else was fun and I’ll get some use out of (well, except maybe the sunglasses). What did you think of this month’s Style Box?


Socialbliss Style Box – May 2014


I’ve been eyeing this box after reading some other blogs, and decided it would be one of my first to try. I set a monthly sub budget, and this one definitely took the larger chunk of it, but I’m hoping it’s going to up my style and give me some new fun things to wear. I’m really just awful at accessorizing, so I figured this box would help a ton. Plus, I always see earrings, and that is one thing I really lack–I used to have guaged ears, but let them shrink down a while back. With that said, here’s my first Style Box from Socialbliss (referral link warning!). 

So here’s the details:

Directly from the website:
Socialbliss is a community of fashion trendsetters who have their eyes, ears and hands on the pulse of what’s cutting edge on the trends of tomorrow. Each month we start with a story. We then hand pick from our elite fashion community, the most popular yet unique items we know most women will love.”

The products included in this box total at least $100, and I’ve seen upwards of $200!

Cost: $39.95 Monthly + S&H ($9.95) (discounts for multi-month subs)


This is my first box from Socialbliss, as well as my first subscription box–so I was ridiculously excited to tear into it (my mom happened to call just as I was opening it, and I’ve never been off the phone so fast with her!)

It was a nice sturdy box that managed to survive my mail carrier, and everything was wrapped up nicely. The box includes a card with a description of the contents.


Izzy & Ali Mini-Maven Coin Purse – $39 
It’s a bit bigger than just a coin purse, but it would definitely fit a few small items. Once I get a little bit bigger of a purse, I really want to use this for all the stuff I can never find in my purse (chapstick, lip gloss, oil wipes, mints). I really love this little bag, and definitely see it getting some use in the future. The color is a lot darker navy than pictured, so not quite a summer item in my mind. I never would have gotten this for myself, but I like it–So this is exactly what I’d hoped to get out of this box!


Spa Package – $15

This was the only item I wasn’t super excited about. I mean, it’s cute, but I just don’t know how many loofahs I really need. It came with a few loofah scrubs, a massager, and a headband(?). Maybe I’m just not in a pamper myself kind of mood. I’ll hold on to it for now, and if inspriation hits me, I’ll use it. Otherwise, it would make an easy gift option in the future.

The Créme Shop cleansing Towelettes – $4
They are infused with pink lemonade and milk and work as a makeup remover. I never buy face wipes, so these were interesting to try. I found that they were actually really refreshing, and seemed to remove the dirt and makeup from the day–the first time I used them was after a LONG day outside that also ended in a fire. 

I need to work on my photos in the future…

The Créme Shop mini eyelash curler – $7
Well, I can’t say I’ve ever curled my bottom lashes. I honestly just kind of leave them alone. I’ll give this a try when I’m actually headed out for the evening, rather than a day to day look, I’m thinking. It’s pretty small across, which is a shame, as it makes it impossible to use on the upper eyelashes (unless going over 2-3 times across works for you!). Not my favorite item, but something new!

MyTies Hair Tie – $4
This is adorable, and the photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s more of a pinkish color with the brownish or gold dots. I’ve always tried to get the regular elastic hair ties, but without the metal that snags your hair. This design is super cute, as it looks good in your hair, and also looks awesome as a bracelet when you take your hair down. Hoping to get more in different colors in the future!


LiftFusion Face Lift – $140
I would never in a million years have spent that much on a skin care product, so getting to try one at a fraction of the cost is definitely a treat for me. I see it on Amazon for a lot less, but I question that a bit… Anyway, every box comes with a high value item, and this being a beauty item rather than a style item seems to be the biggest criticism I’ve seen with this month’s offering. I have to admit, as excited as I am to try a product this lavish, I can see that the box didn’t meet all that I wanted with it–a revamp and increase to my accessories collection! With that said, I have been using this, as directed for the past few days. Now, I have no wrinkles currently and hope to keep it that way as long as possible, so I can’t say there’s been some miracle transformation or anything. But in general, I enjoy applying this product. It feels nice when I put it on, and soaks in readily without leaving any residue. I can then apply my lotion and makeup as normal. It’s been a nice treat!

The general consensus on this month’s box is pretty low, but I have to admit, I still enjoyed it (though I could be biased and letting my excitement blind me!). While it lacked in style items, I’m hoping for more next month. I’ll keep the sub for a bit, and I actually went ahead and signed up for the next 3 months to save a few bucks.

I’ll try to include my referral links and referral links at the bottom of all of my reviews. Don’t feel obligated, but if something I said encourages you to try it, or you enjoyed reading, I’d appreciate it!
Socialbliss: Referral-free link
Socialbliss: My referral link

AND, if interested in the hair ties or other goodies from Myties, use the coupon code SOCIALBLISS for $5 off.