What I Got Wednesday – July 2, 2014

I created What I Got Wednesdays partly as a way to get in the habit of regularly updating a blog, and also to document all the goodies I’ve scored for the week. I cover mostly the free stuff, but also the paid stuff (in less detail than the full reviews). 

Another somewhat slow week, though not as bad as last week! Hopefully I’ve taken some measures to alleviate that, which I’ll get to– But first the goods!

  • Another fantastic sampling pack from Crowdtap! I received a Cottonelle sample and share pack which included a 4-pack of toilet paper, a flushable cleansing cloths dispenser, a full sized pack of cleansing cloths, $1 off coupons, and three cleansing cloth portable packs. 
  • L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme shampoo and conditioner samples, plus a coupon. I’m getting so much shampoo and conditioner lately, it’s going to be a while before I can try this! On the plus side, who knows when I’ll need to shop for it again…
  • U by Kotex samples – Kotex always sends the cutest box, and it’s stuffed with a generous sampling of products, and coupons (that don’t expire till next year!).
  • $6 MasterCard – My first win from this promotion, super easy, and can be done daily! Just text the word “MOVIE” to 78787, and follow the instructions (enter birthday, then an email) and you can instantly win $6. You can get a virtual Master Card, or the money off your cable bill. Not sure how the latter works; I opted for the cash. 
  • My second ever blog entry win! 10 Meme points for Memebox, which is equal to $10. I JUST placed an order prior to this win, too, so looks like I’ll be keeping an eye out for a good one (any suggestions?). As far as the box I ordered, which I’ll divulge when it comes in, but the deal was hard to pass up – I used the initial 10 points I had for signing up, plus a coupon code TRYMEMEBOX for $15 off. The code is good until July 8, I believe.
  • And of course my Socialbliss Style Box, which I reviewed earlier this week (here)!

OK, on to the remedy for my end of month woes… More subscription boxes and other goodies!

  • I went ahead and picked up a sub of Wantable Intimates. I’ve been liking what I’ve seen, and decided to try that route for a bit rather than just an undies sub.
  • I ordered a Memebox, but that doesn’t ship till August!
  • I picked up my first Quarterly box – The My Subscription Addiction box. I think that should be a good one, and it’s a nice way to pay homage to a site that really helped in my sub box research.
  • And finally, I’ve got a “free”, limited edition PetBox on the way! It’s not a full one, but they’ve got a nice promotion going on where you get 3-4 items valued at around $20, just pay the $6.99 shipping. Best part is, it doesn’t sign up up for a sub, so it’s a one time and done deal. Follow this link for the promotion. I am a little concerned that it didn’t ask me anything about my dog (like size!), so who knows what I’ll get…

That’s all for this week! How’d you do?


Sample Society/Beauty Bar Coupon

Just tossing this out for anyone interested, but you can score %20 off any full price purchase at BeautyBar.

If you have an Amazon account, you can search local deals for the coupon (or just click here!). All you have to do is “buy” (free) the coupon, and they’ll generate a code for you. Code is good for 14 days, $100 max discount.

What I got Wednesdays – June 25, 2014

This week must have been a nice relief for the mail carrier, but a rather boring one for me. Though, my Home Depot order arrived, so I guess that means massive amounts of yard work this week. I did get a new phone this week (Galaxy S5)! Michael managed to break his, so I graciously offered him my old one, and upgraded.

OK, on to the fun! Crowdtap has been doing loads of Sample and Shares (and Hosted Parties, if that’s something you feel you can swing). I’ve had a few come in this week and last, and am attempting to get all the activities done. I do wish they gave you more than a week, though! Hard to cram in sharing, trying, and posting…So what came this week:


groomer-backA men’s Schick Hydro 5 Groomer for Michael – This thing had some interesting features, and was definitely high tech when it comes to razors. Bells and whistles everywhere! The razor is a 5 blade (hence the name) razor, that has a neat little fold down part that helps you get in some of the tighter spots, like under your nose or to help trim near side burns/facial hair you want to keep (the yellowish thing on the bottom flips down). It also takes a couple batteries and offers a little groomer for trimming.

As far as the razor goes, Michael wasn’t a huge fan. He said it was a bit bulky and awkward for regular shaving. He also said the blade was not very sharp–it was really pulling his lip when he tried to shave his upper lip. His 5 o’clock shadow comes out a bit early usually, and while it wasn’t totally out, this didn’t seem to give him the closest of shaves. The groomer was nice, unfortunately the blades weren’t as good as other Schick products we’ve both used in the past–which consequently just doesn’t justify the cost of blades in the future! He’ll probably stick with his other 5 blade razor, which is usually a regular Schick, or the store brand knock off of Schick.


20140625_200257Kleenex! I will never turn away a box of facial tissues, and this week was no different. I’m having this feeling this week where I can’t tell if it’s allergies or a cold coming on–and either way, I’m perfectly content keeping a box of these in every room of the house that I frequent. Crowdtap sent a few different offerings–including this box, a cube, and the wallet packs (which I love!)


Still a bunch of things on the way, just a slow week! What did you get this week?


What I got Wednesday – June 18, 2014

This has been an amazing week of mail! I’m sure the carrier hates me by now, and it certainly doesn’t help that the electric/gas company has had my road, directly in front of my driveway, completely torn up for the last two days (this is three months of trying to get a gas leak fixed that’s just gotten out of hand…)20140618_183349

Anyway, while not all freebies, I definitely had tons of fun this week!

First, the paid stuff!

  • Subscription box heaven (for me at least!). Ipsy, BarkBox, and Bonjour Jolie. All fantastic this month, and really glad these are some of
    my selected few! My reviews are listed here.20140615_085615
  • Sampler packs galore! My 5 Sample Society Mystery Samplers and the Total Beauty Ultimate  Sampler. See link for the Total Beauty items, looks like it’s still up for sale!

As for the freebies, I’d say I got some really nice things this week-

  • Alterna Caviar Repair RX Instant Recovery 20140616_172828
    Shampoo and Conditioner, plus the Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist. I got this to try from the Elle Inner Circle. Been a member for a while, but nothing really happened, so I had kind of forgotten. Then this came as a bit of a surprise, so it’s getting added to Sites I Love!
  • PinchMe arrived! This was probably the most I’ve ever gotten from a sample Tuesday. Three Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths, Dove Oxygen
    Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, a Milk- Bone Brushing 20140618_182624Chew (Riley ate it), and a new  bottle of Sinful Nail Polish (which is really great stuff for the price!)
  • One of MANY new Crowdtap Sample and Shares – Sweet ‘n Low, which came with a 50 pack box, plus samples and coupons, and some recipe cards. I’m totally feeling the skinny margaritas for this weekend–we have absolutely NO WHERE to go, and I’m looking forward to some serious sit on my butt in the yard time!

Hopefully still more to come next week! Though I’m winding down on this month’s sub box list (c’mon good Style Box!) How was your week?!


What I got Wednesday – June 11, 2014

I’ve made it another week, and while things started slow, I definitely think this turned out to be a pretty fun week of mail.



  • Folgers Gourmet Blends sampler pack – I’ll never say no to some free K-Cups to try, especially as generous a sample as four! Most only ever come with two. I’ve had a couple of the Folgers gourmet blends, and was definitely impressed. There’s a couple here I haven’t tried, and the $1 off coupons will definitely be put to good use!
  • P&G sample pack – I’ll have to add this one to sites I love with a reminder. Once per quarter, you can request samples from Proctor and Gamble. This go around I got Herbal Essences Body Wash – Body Burst, and Olay Sensitive unscented body wash. They also send a pretty decent book of coupons, though this one wasn’t as full as ones I’ve gotten in the past.
  • Cheerios – A single serve. Can’t go wrong there!
  • Singing Dog Vanilla Organic Lip Balm – This was my first blog giveaway win. I haven’t used them much yet, except to try. Michael didn’t get my “hint” that basically said please take the mail in to make sure my stuff doesn’t melt while I was at work… All was well, fortunately. The flavors are all varieties of vanilla-Vanilla (which I did try and was good!), Vanilla Cherry, and Vanilla Coconut. Check them out for all your vanilla needs!
  • I did order a planner, which came. I have one for work, but I needed a new personal one. I like a good paper one–call me old fashioned. Fortunately this one starts mid year, so I didn’t feel like I was wasting half a year.
  • June 2014 Birchbox and a Mystery Sampler Pack – woo!

Next week is gonna be a busy one! I’m expecting Barkbox, Ipsy, and Bonjour Jolie (if they send, getting worried here…).

Plus, since I’m just getting on the sample and beauty box bandwagon, I wanted to boost my stockpile a bit. So…

  • I snagged up one of each of the 5 $10 Sample Society Mystery Boxes. Kicking myself for hesitating on the $15 boxes, but using the code BBTWITTER, plus the spend $50 get free shipping, my total came to $35. Should be here Friday!
  • A Total Beauty Ultimate Sampler which gets me $80 in full size and deluxe samples (see link!). Use the coupon code 15SAVE, and it’s only $14.45! Should be here by Wednesday.
  • And while this won’t be coming until next month, you can score a free Beauty Box 5 box, or a 3 month sub for $6 per month using the code FREE614. I opted for a 3 month sub!

How’d you do this week?


What I got Wednesday – June 4, 2014

This past week was pretty good to me if I must say so myself! Here’s a few things I got:

  • May Birchbox (review coming soon!): I was so pleased with how quick they sent my first box to me, and the fact there was an awesome sale on the year sub, I went ahead and upgraded my account. I used the Coupon Code BBSUBYEAR to get a 1 year sub for $99 (regular is $110), so that’s two free boxes per year. Even better? They have a deal going on where you get a free mystery sample box with purchases $35 and up. ALSO, and I missed this one, I believe you can score a Shasi Sam Bracelet by using the Coupon Code SHASHIGIFT with this as well. Either way, snag that year sub deal, it ends June 9!
  • May Bonjour Jolie box (yep, I owe another review): All I can say right now is that I’m super pleased with this box and glad I picked it up.20140604_184759
  • VIP Products toy tester toy of the month: Normally the mail comes while I’m at work, and Riley gets to open his mail when I get home. The jerk decided instead that he’d pull the package down from the counter and tear right into it. He loves getting mail, and he loves opening mail. But I’m still impressed, since he left my boxes alone the day before, and they were MUCH more at his level on the edge of the table rather than shoved all the way to the back of the counter. Anyway, he couple of new oversized tennis balls that squeak, and he couldn’t be happier. He had me, the neighbor, and the neighbor’s son throwing it for him. I actually had to hide it to get him to come inside.
  • Crowdtap finished their drawings for the  month of may, and I ended up with 10 Amazon gift cards ($5 each) and 1 Walmart gift card ($25). Traded Walmart for Amazon, and my Kindle/tablet savings continues! Good haul this month, and definitely worth the extra effort. I also got an invite to a sample and share for a Schick Hydro 5 Groomer for Michael.
  • I WON! I’ve discovered the world of blogs, and with that, sweepstakes. At least ones that I’d be remotely interested in winning. But I got an email that I won three organic chapsticks. Will post when/if I get them!

Not bad for one week! Did you get anything good??

What I got Wednesdays – May 28, 2014

So in my attempts to establish a habit to blog, I’m going to attempt a weekly post of highlights of what goodies came in the mail for the week.

  • Of course my favorite was my very first subscription box ever, the Socialbliss Style Box, which I’ve    already talked about in the other day (click here see the contents)
  • Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen from BzzAgent –
    BzzAgent CoppertoneIt actually came with a third sample squeeze tube, but I’ve already doled that out. The sprays are not clearly sheer, which was a little bit of a disappointment. Either way, it finally got some serious use this past weekend, and I owe a blog review on this one (plan to by Friday!)
  • Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak – Mixed berry flavor and Beyoncé Rise from PinchMe –PM - packI haven’t tried the drink mix yet–the last few powder drinks I’ve tried have been terrible, so I’m a bit apprehensive. I’ve got 11 days to suck it up, though.. As far as the perfume. I want to hate celebrity scents, but I actually found this one really pleasant. At least on my skin, it smelled great, and was light and sort of sweet. It didn’t seem to last very long, though. Did manage to order up four more samples on Tuesday, too!
  • I said I was done with subscription boxes, but I guess when you are on a roll, it’s hard to stop. Went ahead and added Birchbox to the list. I kept going back and forth on this, and looking at the way the points system worked, it seemed like it ended up being a lot cheaper per month, since points = dollars in the store. So it’d pay itself back in makeup.
  • I think I’m supposed to keep this under wraps, but a couple of full size laundry products from Expo. Definitely no complaints when I get a box from them, and one of the simpler freebie sites–all you have to do is upload a video where you talk about the product for a minute or two.