What I Got Wednesday – July 2, 2014

I created What I Got Wednesdays partly as a way to get in the habit of regularly updating a blog, and also to document all the goodies I’ve scored for the week. I cover mostly the free stuff, but also the paid stuff (in less detail than the full reviews). 

Another somewhat slow week, though not as bad as last week! Hopefully I’ve taken some measures to alleviate that, which I’ll get to– But first the goods!

  • Another fantastic sampling pack from Crowdtap! I received a Cottonelle sample and share pack which included a 4-pack of toilet paper, a flushable cleansing cloths dispenser, a full sized pack of cleansing cloths, $1 off coupons, and three cleansing cloth portable packs. 
  • L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme shampoo and conditioner samples, plus a coupon. I’m getting so much shampoo and conditioner lately, it’s going to be a while before I can try this! On the plus side, who knows when I’ll need to shop for it again…
  • U by Kotex samples – Kotex always sends the cutest box, and it’s stuffed with a generous sampling of products, and coupons (that don’t expire till next year!).
  • $6 MasterCard – My first win from this promotion, super easy, and can be done daily! Just text the word “MOVIE” to 78787, and follow the instructions (enter birthday, then an email) and you can instantly win $6. You can get a virtual Master Card, or the money off your cable bill. Not sure how the latter works; I opted for the cash. 
  • My second ever blog entry win! 10 Meme points for Memebox, which is equal to $10. I JUST placed an order prior to this win, too, so looks like I’ll be keeping an eye out for a good one (any suggestions?). As far as the box I ordered, which I’ll divulge when it comes in, but the deal was hard to pass up – I used the initial 10 points I had for signing up, plus a coupon code TRYMEMEBOX for $15 off. The code is good until July 8, I believe.
  • And of course my Socialbliss Style Box, which I reviewed earlier this week (here)!

OK, on to the remedy for my end of month woes… More subscription boxes and other goodies!

  • I went ahead and picked up a sub of Wantable Intimates. I’ve been liking what I’ve seen, and decided to try that route for a bit rather than just an undies sub.
  • I ordered a Memebox, but that doesn’t ship till August!
  • I picked up my first Quarterly box – The My Subscription Addiction box. I think that should be a good one, and it’s a nice way to pay homage to a site that really helped in my sub box research.
  • And finally, I’ve got a “free”, limited edition PetBox on the way! It’s not a full one, but they’ve got a nice promotion going on where you get 3-4 items valued at around $20, just pay the $6.99 shipping. Best part is, it doesn’t sign up up for a sub, so it’s a one time and done deal. Follow this link for the promotion. I am a little concerned that it didn’t ask me anything about my dog (like size!), so who knows what I’ll get…

That’s all for this week! How’d you do?