Bonjour Jolie – June 2014

Bonjour Jolie is a monthly subscription box that provides you with necessities, pampering items, snacks and goodies, and a gift to help you through that time of the month.

Cost – $16/mo + S&H ($21 total)

Your first box comes within 16 business days of ordering, and you’ll get a new box every month before your cycle–just enter the date you NEED it by, and Bonjour Jolie takes care of the rest! If you need changes, just email them–as of posting, their customer service seems awesome!

20140616_173002I  scoured the internet before finally picking my list of subscription boxes, and this one definitely impresses. This is my second box, and I’m glad I picked this one! It came with a selection of my choice of tampons, pads, and/or panty liners (you customize this from a nice variety), and then the goodies!! Michael watched me open this month as I explained that he’d no longer have to randomly pick up girl things for me. He said he didn’t mind doing that, and I mentioned that he didn’t bring them home with a bunch of goodies, though. This box has him beat when it comes to that!


The edibles this month are amazing compared to last month–A Cougar Mountain Gourmet Cookie (chocolate chip), Caramels for Karson salted caramel chews, Leccare Lollipops (peach cobbler flavor!), Torie and Howard Organic Hard Candies, and of course, TEA! A variety of Bigelow Tea Company teas. Michael already ate a caramel, but the joke was on him since he wasn’t expecting it to be salted!


The pampering items included a nice variety of crafted items, as well as some basics:
Starfire Creations Honeysuckle Soap which has that handmade smell-Can’t wait to try it!
Bonny Bubbles Body Powder – As hot as it’s been, I might take them up on sprinkling it on the sheets (It gets so cool at night, my house is covered in shade, and I’m at work all day, I just can’t justify turning on the air!)
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics EyeShadow and Brush – I’m not sure what color I got, but if it’s the brassy color, not sure I can pull that off! But it’s a cute and fun little bottle, and I’m willing to give it a shot.
Vaseline Hand Lotion – This one is a staple, and little bottles of lotion are always welcome!
Summer’s Eve Feminine Wipes – Some sort of refreshing wipe is always included, no complaints.
Advil – This is optional, but I’d never turn down packs of pain killers.


The gift this month is this beautiful, sheer Handmade Silk and Georgette Sarong. The card indicates it’s imported from India. I love the fish on it, and goes perfect with my lake upbringing. I don’t know if I’ll necessarily wear it, but at the very least, it’s something that either my mother or sister-in-law would probably love if I end up gifting it.

20140616_173601Left the flash on, but here’s the card detailing all of the goodies. I absolutely love this box, and June definitely exceeding my expectations. What did you think of this month’s Bonjour Jolie?


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