Sweet ‘n Low sampling – Review

I recently received a sample of Sweet ‘n Low from Crowdtap. This was such a fun sample pack – It came with a full size box of Sweet ‘n Low (50 packets), sample packets with a  coupon, and some fun drink mixer recipe cards.
20140618_182624The past two weeks, my allergies have been kicking it in high gear, headache and all, so I stayed away from TOO much alcohol.

20140620_200106Fortunately, I’ve been on a huge tea kick. I normally don’t add sweetener, but I figured I’d give it a shot. My tea sort of frothed up when I added Sweet ‘n Low, and it worked really well with the flavor. I don’t know how to describe it–it’s sweet, but not entirely like sugar.



I did try it with morning coffee. It tasted a LITTLE weird, but again, I usually don’t sweeten coffee at all (that’s the boyfriend’s sugar there!

20140629_115101With the heat lately, my tea kick has completely gone in the iced direction. I’ve been experimenting a bit with flavors, so this morning (before it got too hot!)  I made an unsweetened iced tea with lemon and nectarine. Once in the glass, one packet of Sweet ‘n Low is plenty for me – A little goes a long way! I think I like it most with tea, and it turned out pretty tasty!




I know I said I was avoiding alcohol for the most part, but I can’t completely cut it out of my life! I did sip a couple of margaritas the other weekend. Here’s my strawberry and lime with Jose Cuervo tequila and Sweet ‘n Low.

I’m looking forward to trying out more recipes, and the Sweet ‘n Low website is loaded with tons I’d love to try.I will say that, at least for me, it doesn’t take much to add the sweetness-one packet per glass was more than enough to get the sweetness I was looking for.  Which ones do you want to try?

*I received this product for free from Crowdtap for my open and honest review.  All views expressed here are my own.*


Socialbliss Style Box – June 2014

My Socialbliss Style Box is finally here! I have been stalking my tracking code for this one! Final box of the month (a little bitter sweet), but worth the wait!

Directly from the website:

“Socialbliss is a community of fashion trendsetters who have their eyes, ears and hands on the pulse of what’s cutting edge on the trends of tomorrow. Each month we start with a story. We then hand pick from our elite fashion community, the most popular yet unique items we know most women will love.”

The products included in this box total at least $100, and I’ve seen upwards of $200!

Cost: $39.95 Monthly + S&H ($9.95) (discounts for multi-month subs)

Last month I didn’t get any spoilers, but I was at the end of the receiving end this month, so I did cheat a little bit. I was a teeny bit disappointed, but remained optimistic. That paid off, because I love this box!

I goofed and deleted the opening of the box, but it seems to always be the same–wrapped in red tissue paper greeting you with a big “Hello gorgeous!” So let’s just cut to the chase and get to it!

20140626_202535The theme this month was Boho Chic, which they define as “A creative open-minded thinker who lives a free spirited life and believes in style, freedom and love“.


Essie Snake Rattle and Roll magnetic polish – It’s a sort of gun metal grey color and if I can pull it off, I love the scale-like design. Little dark for this time of the year, but I’m really wanting to try this soon. I love grey, so the season can deal with it (Michael seems to think I want to paint our entire house grey…)

Ulta Super Shiny Lip Gloss – I think I need to get a lottery ticket. All of my boxes this month that came with a lip product gave me something that I really liked color-wise. I got Whisper 16, and I really like the way this looks.


Curse my bad eyes for ruining the fun of sunglasses for me. Then again, my bank account probably thanks me. Nothing special, but I absolutely love the way these look on. These are the In.. Retro Specs Sunglasses, which are a dark brown with gold “arms”. I’ll hold on to them in case I reconsider trying contacts again, otherwise, I think my SIL would love them..

Peruvian Warrior ring – I really didn’t think this would be my style, but it’s really starting to grow on me. Depending on what I wear tomorrow for work, I might just give this a go. Otherwise, weekend warrior ring for sure.


Fated Bliss Kimono Wrap – This is going to be fun, and I’ve been playing around with it a bit. It can be worn a few ways, and I think the vest option is working for me, and really fits what I typically wear during the work week–minus the funky pattern.


And finally, this month’s bonus item for using the promo code WANTNEEDLOVE and sharing the post on Facebook – Creme Shop sponges. I actually needed this, so no complaints!

Overall, I’m really happy this month. I’m always down for some makeup these days, and I’m on a total new nail polish AND lip gloss kick, so this was right up my alley. Everything else was fun and I’ll get some use out of (well, except maybe the sunglasses). What did you think of this month’s Style Box?

What I got Wednesdays – June 25, 2014

This week must have been a nice relief for the mail carrier, but a rather boring one for me. Though, my Home Depot order arrived, so I guess that means massive amounts of yard work this week. I did get a new phone this week (Galaxy S5)! Michael managed to break his, so I graciously offered him my old one, and upgraded.

OK, on to the fun! Crowdtap has been doing loads of Sample and Shares (and Hosted Parties, if that’s something you feel you can swing). I’ve had a few come in this week and last, and am attempting to get all the activities done. I do wish they gave you more than a week, though! Hard to cram in sharing, trying, and posting…So what came this week:


groomer-backA men’s Schick Hydro 5 Groomer for Michael – This thing had some interesting features, and was definitely high tech when it comes to razors. Bells and whistles everywhere! The razor is a 5 blade (hence the name) razor, that has a neat little fold down part that helps you get in some of the tighter spots, like under your nose or to help trim near side burns/facial hair you want to keep (the yellowish thing on the bottom flips down). It also takes a couple batteries and offers a little groomer for trimming.

As far as the razor goes, Michael wasn’t a huge fan. He said it was a bit bulky and awkward for regular shaving. He also said the blade was not very sharp–it was really pulling his lip when he tried to shave his upper lip. His 5 o’clock shadow comes out a bit early usually, and while it wasn’t totally out, this didn’t seem to give him the closest of shaves. The groomer was nice, unfortunately the blades weren’t as good as other Schick products we’ve both used in the past–which consequently just doesn’t justify the cost of blades in the future! He’ll probably stick with his other 5 blade razor, which is usually a regular Schick, or the store brand knock off of Schick.


20140625_200257Kleenex! I will never turn away a box of facial tissues, and this week was no different. I’m having this feeling this week where I can’t tell if it’s allergies or a cold coming on–and either way, I’m perfectly content keeping a box of these in every room of the house that I frequent. Crowdtap sent a few different offerings–including this box, a cube, and the wallet packs (which I love!)


Still a bunch of things on the way, just a slow week! What did you get this week?


What I got Wednesday – June 18, 2014

This has been an amazing week of mail! I’m sure the carrier hates me by now, and it certainly doesn’t help that the electric/gas company has had my road, directly in front of my driveway, completely torn up for the last two days (this is three months of trying to get a gas leak fixed that’s just gotten out of hand…)20140618_183349

Anyway, while not all freebies, I definitely had tons of fun this week!

First, the paid stuff!

  • Subscription box heaven (for me at least!). Ipsy, BarkBox, and Bonjour Jolie. All fantastic this month, and really glad these are some of
    my selected few! My reviews are listed here.20140615_085615
  • Sampler packs galore! My 5 Sample Society Mystery Samplers and the Total Beauty Ultimate  Sampler. See link for the Total Beauty items, looks like it’s still up for sale!

As for the freebies, I’d say I got some really nice things this week-

  • Alterna Caviar Repair RX Instant Recovery 20140616_172828
    Shampoo and Conditioner, plus the Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist. I got this to try from the Elle Inner Circle. Been a member for a while, but nothing really happened, so I had kind of forgotten. Then this came as a bit of a surprise, so it’s getting added to Sites I Love!
  • PinchMe arrived! This was probably the most I’ve ever gotten from a sample Tuesday. Three Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths, Dove Oxygen
    Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, a Milk- Bone Brushing 20140618_182624Chew (Riley ate it), and a new  bottle of Sinful Nail Polish (which is really great stuff for the price!)
  • One of MANY new Crowdtap Sample and Shares – Sweet ‘n Low, which came with a 50 pack box, plus samples and coupons, and some recipe cards. I’m totally feeling the skinny margaritas for this weekend–we have absolutely NO WHERE to go, and I’m looking forward to some serious sit on my butt in the yard time!

Hopefully still more to come next week! Though I’m winding down on this month’s sub box list (c’mon good Style Box!) How was your week?!


Bonjour Jolie – June 2014

Bonjour Jolie is a monthly subscription box that provides you with necessities, pampering items, snacks and goodies, and a gift to help you through that time of the month.

Cost – $16/mo + S&H ($21 total)

Your first box comes within 16 business days of ordering, and you’ll get a new box every month before your cycle–just enter the date you NEED it by, and Bonjour Jolie takes care of the rest! If you need changes, just email them–as of posting, their customer service seems awesome!

20140616_173002I  scoured the internet before finally picking my list of subscription boxes, and this one definitely impresses. This is my second box, and I’m glad I picked this one! It came with a selection of my choice of tampons, pads, and/or panty liners (you customize this from a nice variety), and then the goodies!! Michael watched me open this month as I explained that he’d no longer have to randomly pick up girl things for me. He said he didn’t mind doing that, and I mentioned that he didn’t bring them home with a bunch of goodies, though. This box has him beat when it comes to that!


The edibles this month are amazing compared to last month–A Cougar Mountain Gourmet Cookie (chocolate chip), Caramels for Karson salted caramel chews, Leccare Lollipops (peach cobbler flavor!), Torie and Howard Organic Hard Candies, and of course, TEA! A variety of Bigelow Tea Company teas. Michael already ate a caramel, but the joke was on him since he wasn’t expecting it to be salted!


The pampering items included a nice variety of crafted items, as well as some basics:
Starfire Creations Honeysuckle Soap which has that handmade smell-Can’t wait to try it!
Bonny Bubbles Body Powder – As hot as it’s been, I might take them up on sprinkling it on the sheets (It gets so cool at night, my house is covered in shade, and I’m at work all day, I just can’t justify turning on the air!)
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics EyeShadow and Brush – I’m not sure what color I got, but if it’s the brassy color, not sure I can pull that off! But it’s a cute and fun little bottle, and I’m willing to give it a shot.
Vaseline Hand Lotion – This one is a staple, and little bottles of lotion are always welcome!
Summer’s Eve Feminine Wipes – Some sort of refreshing wipe is always included, no complaints.
Advil – This is optional, but I’d never turn down packs of pain killers.


The gift this month is this beautiful, sheer Handmade Silk and Georgette Sarong. The card indicates it’s imported from India. I love the fish on it, and goes perfect with my lake upbringing. I don’t know if I’ll necessarily wear it, but at the very least, it’s something that either my mother or sister-in-law would probably love if I end up gifting it.

20140616_173601Left the flash on, but here’s the card detailing all of the goodies. I absolutely love this box, and June definitely exceeding my expectations. What did you think of this month’s Bonjour Jolie?

Barkbox – June 2014

Barkbox is a monthly subscription for your dog. Each month, you get a nice selection of treats and a toy (or two) for your dog. The treats are all US or Canadian ingredients and products. Boxes are customized based on dog weight, and if your dog is a destroyer of toys like mine, you can just email and request the aggressive chewer option.

I’d suggest signing up with someone’s referral in order to score 10% off your sub (plus you hook their pup up with an extra box or two!)–unless there is a sale going on! If you sign up now with the code RUCKUS, you’ll get 15% off your sub (good until June 16 at 10 am est, so hurry!)

Barkbox has an amazing discount if ordering multi month options, so with no discount, it can cost anywhere from $18/month to $29/month! I highly recommend paying for as much up front as you can, as it really increases the value of this box.

For reference, I get the Big & Bold box (50+ pounds) with the heavy chewer option.

20140614_123258I barely got this open, and had to do outside with a nutcase (Riley) rushing me along. And as you can see, I could barely get a pictures of the goods laid out without a nose coming to check things out. Riley is the expert in this area, so he helped with my unboxing and review.



The offerings this month included:

  • R2P Monkey Silly Bums $10 – I didn’t even get the tag off (Riley took care of that), and he went nuts over this one. He normally rips stuffy toys to shreds, but this one has survived thus far. There’s a squeaker (YES!) and a crinkly type stuffing. It’s the most ridiculous toy ever, but maybe this headless thing is working for Riley–they normally get ripped off.
  • Benebone Nylon Chew $12 – This thing had me a bit worried at first, since it felt like this one Nylabone we had gotten in the past that Riley annihilated in one sitting. Surprisingly, it’s holding up well and he likes it. Chew bones are always a welcome addition.
  • Green Bark Gummies Hip & Joint Treats $10 – Even though Riley is young, he runs like crazy, so I do like getting treats that are good for his hips and joints. These have the goods with NutriaCHIA, glucosamine, and Chondroitin (we JUST ran out of his other treats for this!). I wasn’t worried, but these also passed the taste test.
  • Benny Bully’s Beef Liver & Banana Treats $8 – These smelled awful to me, but it’s not me that they needed to impress (taste test passed). Healthy treats with a mix I wouldn’t be excited about, but Riley was more than willing to inhale.

This was my (Riley’s) first Barkbox, and I’m extremely happy I went with this box. Looking at past boxes, I knew I’d get some good stuff, and this definitely confirmed that this box amazing! Can’t wait for next month! What did your dog think of this month’s Barkbox?