Coppertone ClearlySheer sunscreen

First and foremost, foremost, BzzAgent is a really fun site where being a member gives you the opportunity to occasionally try out new products for free. All they ask in return is for some honest feedback using social media, blogs, word of mouth…otherwise, buzz!

My most recent campaign was for the Coppertone Clearly Sheer line of sunscreens, and my pasty self was of course happy to give this a try! My “kit” came with a full size lotion, three sample size bottles, and two spray bottles. The lotions were both the Clearly Sheer line for sunny days with SPF 30, but for whatever reason, the spray bottles were a non clearly sheer formula (which was a bit of a bummer!) with SPF 50.

BzzAgent Coppertone

First up is the lotion, which I absolutely love. I’ll back up and say I really have a love/hate relationship with sunscreen. I need it, otherwise I fry, but I hate the way it feels and the way it smells. So I typically opt for lotions with SPF for daily use if I can help it–though come outdoor summer activities usually call for something a bit more dedicated; and that’s where sunscreen comes in.

Coppertone Clearly Sheer
The formula was super lightweight and blended in really quickly with almost no effort. This is huge because I tend to just go for it, and next thing you know you’ve got white streaks of lotion everywhere–especially if you are in a hurry! Unlike other lotions, because it was so lightweight feeling, it wasn’t greasy or oily feeling, yet my skin still felt hydrated. What else is nice? I don’t smell like I’m wearing it. When you walk in a room and someone is wearing sunscreen, it’s usually obvious. This stuff was super light scented and I barely noticed it. In fact, it was rather pleasant and not offensive at all!

Some other highlights that I hadn’t tested personally:

  • Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts (it’s clinically tested on acne-prone skin!)
  • Matte finish which makes it perfect for use under makeup

I plan to set aside my normal facial lotion with SPF this weekend and give it a try, though! This is always one place I’m leery about putting regular sunscreen on because it makes my face oily looking and it feels like I’ve put an impenetrable mask of pore clogging badness on. It’s been great on the rest of my body, so I plan to bite the bullet and give it a go.

OH, and sun protection was A-OKAY. I was outside pretty much the entire Memorial Weekend, and no burns (well, except the top of my right foot–totally missed a spot!)

I’ll be spending the weekend outside safe from the suns harmful rays. How about you?

Coppertone Clearly Sheer

I’m putting this as a little bit of an aside. The sprays were NOT Clearly Sheen, which really bummed me out. Application with a spray is a dream compared to a lotion. The product, however, was definitely not my favorite! It was sticky, and it looked like I had a film on my skin for long after. Almost like that bug spray feeling. I’d definitely like to pick up the clearly sheen version of the spray to try out in hopes that it has the best of both worlds!

*I received this product for free from BzzAgent for my open and honest review.  All views expressed here are my own.*


What I got Wednesdays – May 28, 2014

So in my attempts to establish a habit to blog, I’m going to attempt a weekly post of highlights of what goodies came in the mail for the week.

  • Of course my favorite was my very first subscription box ever, the Socialbliss Style Box, which I’ve    already talked about in the other day (click here see the contents)
  • Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen from BzzAgent –
    BzzAgent CoppertoneIt actually came with a third sample squeeze tube, but I’ve already doled that out. The sprays are not clearly sheer, which was a little bit of a disappointment. Either way, it finally got some serious use this past weekend, and I owe a blog review on this one (plan to by Friday!)
  • Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak – Mixed berry flavor and Beyoncé Rise from PinchMe –PM - packI haven’t tried the drink mix yet–the last few powder drinks I’ve tried have been terrible, so I’m a bit apprehensive. I’ve got 11 days to suck it up, though.. As far as the perfume. I want to hate celebrity scents, but I actually found this one really pleasant. At least on my skin, it smelled great, and was light and sort of sweet. It didn’t seem to last very long, though. Did manage to order up four more samples on Tuesday, too!
  • I said I was done with subscription boxes, but I guess when you are on a roll, it’s hard to stop. Went ahead and added Birchbox to the list. I kept going back and forth on this, and looking at the way the points system worked, it seemed like it ended up being a lot cheaper per month, since points = dollars in the store. So it’d pay itself back in makeup.
  • I think I’m supposed to keep this under wraps, but a couple of full size laundry products from Expo. Definitely no complaints when I get a box from them, and one of the simpler freebie sites–all you have to do is upload a video where you talk about the product for a minute or two.

Socialbliss Style Box – May 2014


I’ve been eyeing this box after reading some other blogs, and decided it would be one of my first to try. I set a monthly sub budget, and this one definitely took the larger chunk of it, but I’m hoping it’s going to up my style and give me some new fun things to wear. I’m really just awful at accessorizing, so I figured this box would help a ton. Plus, I always see earrings, and that is one thing I really lack–I used to have guaged ears, but let them shrink down a while back. With that said, here’s my first Style Box from Socialbliss (referral link warning!). 

So here’s the details:

Directly from the website:
Socialbliss is a community of fashion trendsetters who have their eyes, ears and hands on the pulse of what’s cutting edge on the trends of tomorrow. Each month we start with a story. We then hand pick from our elite fashion community, the most popular yet unique items we know most women will love.”

The products included in this box total at least $100, and I’ve seen upwards of $200!

Cost: $39.95 Monthly + S&H ($9.95) (discounts for multi-month subs)


This is my first box from Socialbliss, as well as my first subscription box–so I was ridiculously excited to tear into it (my mom happened to call just as I was opening it, and I’ve never been off the phone so fast with her!)

It was a nice sturdy box that managed to survive my mail carrier, and everything was wrapped up nicely. The box includes a card with a description of the contents.


Izzy & Ali Mini-Maven Coin Purse – $39 
It’s a bit bigger than just a coin purse, but it would definitely fit a few small items. Once I get a little bit bigger of a purse, I really want to use this for all the stuff I can never find in my purse (chapstick, lip gloss, oil wipes, mints). I really love this little bag, and definitely see it getting some use in the future. The color is a lot darker navy than pictured, so not quite a summer item in my mind. I never would have gotten this for myself, but I like it–So this is exactly what I’d hoped to get out of this box!


Spa Package – $15

This was the only item I wasn’t super excited about. I mean, it’s cute, but I just don’t know how many loofahs I really need. It came with a few loofah scrubs, a massager, and a headband(?). Maybe I’m just not in a pamper myself kind of mood. I’ll hold on to it for now, and if inspriation hits me, I’ll use it. Otherwise, it would make an easy gift option in the future.

The Créme Shop cleansing Towelettes – $4
They are infused with pink lemonade and milk and work as a makeup remover. I never buy face wipes, so these were interesting to try. I found that they were actually really refreshing, and seemed to remove the dirt and makeup from the day–the first time I used them was after a LONG day outside that also ended in a fire. 

I need to work on my photos in the future…

The Créme Shop mini eyelash curler – $7
Well, I can’t say I’ve ever curled my bottom lashes. I honestly just kind of leave them alone. I’ll give this a try when I’m actually headed out for the evening, rather than a day to day look, I’m thinking. It’s pretty small across, which is a shame, as it makes it impossible to use on the upper eyelashes (unless going over 2-3 times across works for you!). Not my favorite item, but something new!

MyTies Hair Tie – $4
This is adorable, and the photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s more of a pinkish color with the brownish or gold dots. I’ve always tried to get the regular elastic hair ties, but without the metal that snags your hair. This design is super cute, as it looks good in your hair, and also looks awesome as a bracelet when you take your hair down. Hoping to get more in different colors in the future!


LiftFusion Face Lift – $140
I would never in a million years have spent that much on a skin care product, so getting to try one at a fraction of the cost is definitely a treat for me. I see it on Amazon for a lot less, but I question that a bit… Anyway, every box comes with a high value item, and this being a beauty item rather than a style item seems to be the biggest criticism I’ve seen with this month’s offering. I have to admit, as excited as I am to try a product this lavish, I can see that the box didn’t meet all that I wanted with it–a revamp and increase to my accessories collection! With that said, I have been using this, as directed for the past few days. Now, I have no wrinkles currently and hope to keep it that way as long as possible, so I can’t say there’s been some miracle transformation or anything. But in general, I enjoy applying this product. It feels nice when I put it on, and soaks in readily without leaving any residue. I can then apply my lotion and makeup as normal. It’s been a nice treat!

The general consensus on this month’s box is pretty low, but I have to admit, I still enjoyed it (though I could be biased and letting my excitement blind me!). While it lacked in style items, I’m hoping for more next month. I’ll keep the sub for a bit, and I actually went ahead and signed up for the next 3 months to save a few bucks.

I’ll try to include my referral links and referral links at the bottom of all of my reviews. Don’t feel obligated, but if something I said encourages you to try it, or you enjoyed reading, I’d appreciate it!
Socialbliss: Referral-free link
Socialbliss: My referral link

AND, if interested in the hair ties or other goodies from Myties, use the coupon code SOCIALBLISS for $5 off.

Holiday rambling, new obsessions

With the finally beautiful weather, and different hours at work, my freebie and sample scavenging has definitely taken a backseat. I’ve turned to something a little more guaranteed and signed up for a handful of subscription boxes. I just got my first one, and I’m totally hooked. Here’s the ones I signed up for (btw, if I put a “*” by the name, please note that it is a referral link. I’ll include referral free links at the bottom, but if you find something I say convinces you to give it a try, I’d appreciate using my referral!)

Socialbliss* – This is a style box. Each month is a theme, then they hand pick items to fit that theme. I just got my first the other day, and hope to get a review up soon. My wardrobe is in some serious need of updating, particularly accessories, so this seemed like a great fit. Plans start at $39.95 per month plus S&H, and loaded with over $100 in goodies.

Ipsy* – Beauty products once a month-yes please! Again, something I’m looking to expand. It was a real toss up between this and BirchBox, but I was swayed by this one for a few reasons. One, each month you get a cute make up bag. I figured at the very least, they’d make cute gift bags. Two, this one tends to have more full size items rather than samples. If I’m going to try something, I’ll be able to form an opinion if I have more of the product to begin with. At $10 per month with free shipping, you can’t go wrong!

Bonjour Jolie – Monthly woman’s box to pamper yourself during that time of the month. You set up your profile, including when you want to receive your box, your preference on up to 25 products (pads, tampons, etc), note any allergies or special requests, and get everything you need shipped just in time. You’ll get all you need to get you through, including some advil, pampering items, treats, and a special gift (like jewelry). Sounds fun, and I could always use a pick me up around that time! At only $16 a month, plus $5 S&H (US), I figure it’s worth the price. Plus, it always seems like it’s the boyfriend’s turn to shop when I need to restock, so he should be happy…

Barkbox* – This referral is limited for the next 7 days or so, but it’ll score you 10% off a new sub (I imagine whatever length you choose). If you need a new one, let me know and I can have it sent through email. I scored this one with a Mother’s Day code, that netted me %20 off a sub, so I grabbed the 12 month. I’ve been reading so many reviews on this one, so it was hard to pass up. With the discount and the sub length, it ended up being under $15 a month with free shipping. My dog is spoiled, and we shop for new treats and toys all the time. This gives us a bunch of new things to try monthly, so I’m sure Riley won’t complain. I signed up for the large box, and he should get it sometime mid June. You can pick boxes for small, medium, or large dogs, so it’s nice there is some customization. I’ve got to remember to email their support to let them know that mine is a destructo-chewer, so to ramp up the durability.

Previously, I joined the Dog toy tester program with VIP Products. It’s simple, just sign up to be a tester, pick toys you like, and they will ship them on the plan you pick. All you have to do is write a review and fill out a survey. You can get %50 off toys by joining the monthly plan, plus shipping and handling. I don’t recall the % off for other plans, but it would be something like %40 for every two months, etc. I loved getting the toys, as they tend to be a bit more durable (though, Riley begs to differ most of the time), unfortunately they don’t add products often enough. So once I know he will destroy something, I don’t bother ordering another in a different shape, so I’ll be cutting this one out. But if you don’t have a toy destroyer, this is a fantastic program, and I really do love it.

OK, on to some other fun stuff –

Image  Image

 I recently got Riley a K-9 Kannon by Hyper Pet. The Amazon price is quite a bit more than what I paid, so do some hunting–I got it for $20 at Meijer. I wanted a hands-free way of doing what he loves best- playing fetch. The problem is, after a few throws, whatever he’s bringing back is a disgusting bunch of slime, spit, dirt, and grass. This thing works great with newer balls that aren’t too frayed. I didn’t care for the tennis balls that came with it; they frayed and fuzzed up quickly, so they don’t launch as well. Works perfect for my yard size, and he’s got the hang of it–he sees it out and it’s time to play! It did take a few for him to get it, though. I think he was used to the throwing motion of your arm, so not moving threw him off. I ended up mimicking the throw motion with the gun, and now he knows the sounds for launching–the pull back noise, he starts getting excited and ready to run, then the THUNK when you pull the trigger, and he takes off!

One other reminder for myself to talk about soon(tm), another great site to check out if you like doing reviews and trying new things Expo (referral link and referral-free link). As long as you aren’t opposed to reviewing on video, this one pays quite well, especially if you do the “Most Wanted” reviews, and I get things to try and review maybe twice a month (good, full-size products).

OK, back to enjoying this beautiful day! I’ll try to get my first Socialbliss box “review” up later tonight.

As promised, referral free links:
Bonjour Jolie


Influenster Venus® Snap with Embrace Review

First of all, I just want to express my excitement for finally getting an invite to receive my first VoxBox from Influenster!!!<==Yep!! Got this free from Influenster!

So what was in this long awaited goodie box? The new Venus Snap with Embrace! #InASnap


Wait, what is it?

OK, take everything you already love about Venus razors. Great shave, nice blades, loads of options… Then miniaturize it and give it a little compact carrying case.

ImageSeriously–not much bigger than a compact, and just a bit wider, but hey, it’s got a razor in it!.

So your regular Venus blades fit–which is great. Just go with your favorite, and pack it away.

Why on earth do you need a purse razor? Why wouldn’t you?? I’m sure I’m not the only one who got somewhere and realized I missed a spot. Now, while no one has probably noticed, in my mind, I’ve still managed to blow it out of proportion. That bit of stubble is a meadow that’s never seen a mower, the whole world can see it, and EVERYONE is staring. Yeah, that’s when you need it.

Or maybe you got invited to go do something that might mean baring some skin, and you might have been letting things go for a little longer than desired… Yep, definitely gonna be glad you had this packed away for just that occasion!

OR, travel size! I know I hate packing my razor to go anywhere. I end up popping it in a ziplock bag, and that just doesn’t seem right. This comes with it’s own travel case, and packs itself. Great for anyone going on frequent trips! Perfect carry on size.

Gillette® Venus® Snap with Embrace


Herbal Essences – Hello Hydration!

I received a sample of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration free from Crowdtap.

Hello Hydration!

Just tried the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration two morning’s ago. I have to admit, it was not completely love at first sniff. On the first whiff straight from the bottle, I was not really a fan. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t something I was in love it.

BUT I powered on–I said I’d try this stuff, right?

The heat from the shower and once it wasn’t super concentrated were the perfect combo. I REALLY enjoyed the scent of this. It was a teeny bit fruity, but not like I was about to turn into a walking fruit basket. It had a hint of coconut, but not too overpowering that it smelled like I was a pina colada.

I typically stick to creamier looking body washes rather than gel-looking ones. Whether or not it’s true, I associate that look with lotion, and thus, super hydration. On that front, I can’t complain. My skin is just as soft as with my other body wash, and no signs of drying or flaking.

With the right price and availability at my local grocery, this is one that is probably going to be on my list of body washes I’d buy!