Tone Soft Petal Body Wash review

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Anyway, back in February, I received Tone Petal Soft body wash through BzzAgent  to try out–for free! First, if you haven’t signed up for BzzAgent, you really should! Second, I’d actually recommend this body wash. My bottle is still going strong, so I haven’t had to restock yet, but it’s definitely one I’ll keep an eye out for in the store.


When I first used the Tone Petal Soft body wash, I wasn’t a huge fan. I actually thought my skin felt drier after. I continued to use it, though, determined to make it work–I think the smell is amazing. I’m now convinced that was just some weird fluke, and my skin feels awesome these last couple weeks.  Soft and smooth, and hydrated! I love the smell. I usually hate overly flowery or sweet smelling soaps. But this one had just the right amount of both, and was just delicious. Plus, it didn’t leave an overly perfumed scent afterwards. Just enough to fill the shower with an intoxicating aroma, with a soft, barely there scent left over on my skin. The soap lathered up amazingly well on a pouf. Just a dab, and I got full body coverage of a rich, soft, bubbly lather. I love this, because it makes me FEEL clean after–not just smelling it! Image

The bottle was perfect. For one, this size seems very generous. It’s taller and skinny enough, slightly inverted in the middle, so it fit nicely in my hand. Easy to squeeze and dispense the product. I also like the lid has a flange, making it easy to stand on end when you start to run low. I also found that it was simple to open, and had enough of a lip to allow you to flip the top easily with your thumb. Overall, great product and a great price. I don’t know that I would have picked this up at the store, so very glad I got to try this one!



Viva Vantage – The great paper towel off

I’ve been awful about keeping up on my blogging–life sort of got in the way. I do need to try to get back into the habit, and what better way than to start with my reviews!?

I recently received four rolls of Viva Vantage paper towel as part of a sample and share from Crowdtap. I gave one away to my mother, and another to a coworker. I also used the product with my boyfriend in our home. The week has been busy, so my buzz otherwise this product has been at a minimum 😦

Anyway, my current paper towel is typically Bounty, and I prefer the select-a-size varieties. So for this week, I did what I do normally–only I put these towels head to head in all the areas I typically use them. As a napkin, cleaning, and spills. I also ended up removing an ancient wallpaper border from my bathroom….

So, the results:

As a Napkin
Bounty won this challenge. Hands down, no contest. To me, Viva just wasn’t soft, and the last thing I’d want to do is wipe my face off with it! Viva ranks really low on the softness scale, and is borderline sandpaper! I know paper towel isn’t necessarily cashmere, but I shouldn’t feel like I’m giving myself a mega exfoliation treatment.

This one was tough to judge. I put down some water, and dropped a sheet of Bounty and a sheet of Viva on top. Both soaked up well enough, though the Bounty sheet size is smaller. I think I’m going to have to give the slight edge to Bounty just because it behaved exactly the same as Viva with a slightly smaller sheet.

Viva Vantage on left, Bounty on right

Viva Vantage on left, Bounty on right

Now for some real competition!

Cleanoff challenge!

I did everything with both towels. Glass windows and table, counter tops, dusting, the bathroom.

Got my glass shiny

You can barely even see the top of the table, it’s so clear!

Both towels did their job amazingly well. Viva was comparable to my old towel, and that’s big. I hate the cheap ones that leave a trail of paper bits behind. So the competition is tough, and right about now we’re neck and neck. Until…

I USUALLY do my bathroom with a sponge or a washcloth. But I was determined to keep the competition going anywhere and everywhere. On to the bathroom! Now, I was worried the towel wouldn’t hold up to a deep scrubbing of the sink, toilet, or tub. I thought I’d go through a whole roll to complete the task. (Don’t worry, I swapped between surfaces-the toilet got it’s own!) That was so  not the case. I was able to rinse, wring out, and reuse until the job was done.

Viva left, Bounty right

Viva left, Bounty right

Viva was able to handle that task a bit better than bounty. It shook back out to a usable sheet much easier (just a flick of the wrist) and didn’t stick. Bounty wanted to stay a bit more clumped and took a bit more work to get back to a cloth I could use, rather than a wad of wet paper.

The final tally
All in all, both products will probably be in my rotation (aka whatever is on sale when I need more) Where Viva fell short for me is a bit rough (pun intended?!), it makes up for in its strength and longevity in cleaning power. I wouldn’t 100% make the switch from my current towel. I’m just not that convinced it’s superior. I think comparable would be a better word, which to me is good enough–I love options when I’m at the store!